I prefer to call myself an integral psychologist and life coach because in my consultations I rely on the ancient knowledge of yoga, tantra, and modern psychology combined. Our body and mind are connected and it's almost impossible to fix the problem without working on all the levels. My approach allows you not only to explore the patterns of your mind and life situations but also effectively change them through therapy and practice.
Emotional burnout/exhaustion
Emotional exhaustion is a chronic state of physical and emotional depletion that results from an excessive job, personal demands, tensed relationships, and/or continuous stress.
It is a very common problem now which appears because of multitasking and the huge speed of life. And also our disability to communicate in a healthy manner.
Good news - I have quite a big amount of techniques and methods to rise up your inner superman to a whole new level. At the end of therapy, you will be able to manage much more things, while being relaxed and focused at the same time.

Midlife crisis/Crisis of spiritual growth
Normally both of these stages are quite connected. After completing the majority of social tasks (family, house, career, etc), people go into 2 options:
  • they want to rebel against society and live their own life as they want, doing different so-called "crazy and irresponsible" things. In the majority of cases, it feels like "something dragging me in this experience and i can not resist and I don't know who I am anymore"
  • or they start thinking about some higher sense of existence which brings them to spirituality
I know how to help to find the answers within without hurting people around.

Co-dependant relationships
It is so many said about this type of relationship. If you don't feel that your relationships give you energy and joy - time to learn something new about your life. It is a hard path, but a necessary one, because we need to change your patterns of thinking, which will bring you not only to a new understanding, but to living in healthy relationships where you can be truly free and feel mutual love, respect, and value.

SECOND DEGREE: Clinical psychologist (RGSU, Moscow)
FIRST DEGREE: Ecologist in geochemistry (MSU M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow)
  • Hatha yoga (Vidjay Tadaka, Mahabalipuram, India)
  • Kundalini yoga (certificate KRI USA). Deciple of Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.
  • Official teacher of Yoga Journal Russia (summer 2019, Gorkyy park, Moscow)
  • Tibetian accupuncture, singing bowls (Ryiaz Dar, Mahabalipuram, India)
SOUL (energy)
  • Reiki Master in classical tradition of Mikao Usui (Sri-Lanka)
  • Disciple and organizatior of teachings of Karma Lkhatrul Dorji Rinpoche (Dzogchen lineage)
first time
Short introduction session where we look each other in the eyes and make a decision whenever we can work together and achieve the result.
30 minutes.
One meeting
I prefer to work in the system, but if you want to sort out some small issue or to get more of a coaching format - you are welcome.
40-90 minutes.
Weekly sessions
This is the best option. We meet on a weekly basis and we go through your life situations and fix them in the system.
4 meetings X 40-90 minutes.