Practice online with a Tibetan lama, abbot of 11 monasteries in India and Bhutan
Tara Practice with Karma Lhatrul Dorji Rinpoche
September 14 and 15, 2021, 7:00 am Moscow time
Karma Rinpoche

Karma Lhatrul Dorji Rinpoche is a reincarnated Tibetan master from Bhutan, a modern yogi as well as a filmmaker and adventurous traveler whose image inspires many people. At the same time he is open to the world and wants to communicate with people from different cultures.

  • Now his monastic community includes more than 300 nuns and monks who live in 11 monasteries in India.
  • Karma Rinpoche spent 12 years in meditation retreats in India (9 of them completely alone).
  • Karma Rinpoche is a Dzogchen practitioner and modern Tibetan yogi.
  • He teaches modern people practical spirituality in everyday life.
  • He speaks six languages.
September 14-15, 7:00 am Moscow time
Practical online webinar "The Practice of Tara"
We are infinitely lucky that teacher Karma Rinpoche wished to go out into the world to impart spiritual knowledge and practices that will help people move to another, new level of consciousness.

Karma Rinpoche began the path of spiritual enlightenment when he was only three years old.

As a child he remembered his past life in which he was a Tibetan teacher. His parents brought him to a monastery in northeast India to meet his teacher, His Holiness Terton Kunzang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche. Lama Turton immediately recognized Karma Rinpoche ("tulku") and taught him the essence of the Dzogchen Teaching for many years and then appointed him as one of his succession lineage holders.

Karma Rinpoche is not an ordinary lama. His students lovingly refer to him as "the crazy monk" because of his unusual for monks approach to life. He has a great sense of humor, is direct and very modern. He enjoys living life to the fullest, experiencing it in all its variety and vividness, and teaching others by his example.

A firm and devoted practitioner of Dharma, he is at the same time a well-known filmmaker, rightly considered one of the best in the Bhutanese film industry, winner of the Bhutanese Film Festival awards for "Tshorva", "The Row" and "The Wind of Karma".

Karma Lhatrul Dorji Rinpoche’s two-day practical online webinar "The Practice of Tara"
Tara is all the actions of the Buddha in the female form to help all living beings successfully achieve both temporal and infinite happiness.

There are many internal obstacles to our mental, spiritual and psychic development, and these internal obstacles can create external circumstances in our lives.

Buddhists believe that in order to succeed in the practice of Dharma (the life path of merit accumulation, the universal law of being discovered by the Buddha), to actualize the path to Enlightenment, we need to rely on a special deity, the Buddha or, for example, the Tara.
What results can be expected from the practice of Tara?
Reduction of anxiety, elimination of fears with regular practice
Elimination of external obstacles and fulfillment of your wishes (good health, success in business or finding a job, having a baby, etc.)
Accumulation of merits
Emotions will become more balanced and moods will increasingly be bright, stable. No outbursts
Improvement in the quality of sleep. It will become deeper and calmer
The ability to forgive and let go of the past and accept life as it is in the here and now will emerge
The ability to find gratitude in the present moment
Getting closer to attaining enlightenment
The practice of Tara is suitable for all people who are open to new knowledge, teachings and skills.

Previous experience is not required.
September 14 and 15 — Tara Day according to the Buddhist Tantric calendar.

Starts at 7:00 am Moscow time.

Duration: approximately 2 hours.

The event will be held in English and Russian simultaneously. Translation from English into Russian is included in the cost of participation.

For those who do not have time or are busy these days the recording of the practice will be available during the week.

All proceeds from this event will go to support Karma Rinpoche's Buddhist monasteries in India.
Available participation formats
14900 rubles
(approx 204 USD)
2 days of practice under the guidance of a master.

On the second day there will be a private meeting with Karma Rinpoche with the opportunity to ask the teacher questions.

The recording of the practice will be available for 7 days.
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